New Year – New Experience in the USA

On February 2, the American Investor Desk had its first event called "New Year – New Experience in the USA." We had the pleasure to host Ken Sturgess, Founder & Managing Partner at Transatlantic Trade Partners (TTP), as our guest speaker.

We have covered various topics such as the coronavirus effects on the world and the United States during the meeting, which has led us to all work from home, not just marketing and business development employees as was the trend before the pandemic.

We have also covered two social disruptions that left a mark on the U.S., starting with the Black Lives Matter movement and how companies have taken a voice on social challenges and the U.S. presidential elections.

The most important note of yesterday's meeting is how the United States is a low context culture and how this affects the way you do business in the country, where we tend to go straight to business rather than build relationships. Nevertheless, even though the country is a low context culture, we need not forget that country is vast and that doing business on the East Coast also differs from the West Coast.

Finally, we have concluded our event with two case studies that show how having a walking towards running approach is more beneficial to your success on the U.S. market rather than going the opposite way and having a run before walk mindset and have a 1-3-5 year strategy. Also, having some form of presence in the United States is essential, such as keeping inventory of samples nearby to quickly display them to interest parties.

The United States is a large and complex country, and without a plan, companies are bound to go through various frustrating and expensive mistakes that can be avoided with a properly executed plan and market research.